temporary assignments - hiring - consulting - projects 

  • 135 core consultants
  • active member base of over 30.000 consultants in Belgium
  • hiring activities
  • coaching

data intelligence & analytics services 

  • advisory: solid and benchmarked advice by data experts and consultants
  • sourcing: provision of dedicated data consultants
  • training and coaching of your people to become data citizens
  • software services: selecting and implementing the right software and tools
  • monitoring services: capturing and interpreting the signals of your assets (machines,…) for predictive maintenance & operational excellence

business transformation services

Agile ways of working

  • introduce Agile ways of working

  • transform (parts of) your organization into high performance Agile environments

  • Agile academy: transform your people from good to great

  • Sociocracy: beyond Agile!

Project Management as a Service (PMaaS)

  • get the right PM skills and capacity at the right moment for the right period
  • preboarding services : pre-training & formation, business culture immersion


OKR development – organization assessment – management system deployment – process improvement – change management – monitoring system development