Ready to fan the fire?

At onetowin, we like to surround ourselves with champions, like our talented consultants going the extra mile for our clients every day. Multiple Olympic medalist Gella Vandecaveye is supporting us in further delivering top performance at our clients. As a former top athlete and entrepreneur, she exposes the common ground between professional sports and the business world: coaching, ambition, team building, how to deal with setbacks, stress management, motivational speeches…

Are some teams in your organisation struggling with burn-out, bore-out or a lack of resilience? Together with Gella, we help you shift from meetings to realizations, from data to decisiveness, from software to performance.

Get your free ticket for gold by registering for:

- A personalized judo initiation to learn your team how to fall and fly again.
- An inspiring keynote session and a no-nonsense talk on how we can bring value to your organisation.

Don’t hesitate to reach out and discuss possibilities. Let’s join forces and keep the fire burning!

Gella & onetowin