Transition Mobility Manager – Wavre, Belgium

Transition Mobility Manager

For one of our partners in the region of Wavre, we are currently looking for a Transition Mobility Manager. The Transition Mobility Manager is responsible of the completion of the Mobility checklist by all of impacted MPU. He will ensure that all activities related to transition from old building to new building are taking place in due time and for all.

Your responsibilities:

  • Coordinate the interactions with HR Mobility to collect the information about the population redeployed in scope
  • Interact closely with MPU leadership teams to ensure the HR Mobility checklist completion
  • Ensure that all induction activities are taking place in the different receiving MPU
  • Follow-up regularly with the receiving business N+1 on the HR mobility checklist (visit day, meeting with future N+1, …)
  • Develop true partnerships with MPU leadership team on the Mobility activities’ topics
  • Define and implement stakeholder maps and engagement plans
  • Coordinate activities by involving old and new building’s stakeholders
  • Track progress against standard timeline/checklist defined by HR mobility
  • Report regularly the overall status on mobility/transition activities documented on the mobility checklist
  • Escalate issues linked to transition activities and recommend improvements to put in place
  • Ensure consistency between the MPU/business with regards to the activities implementation and timelines and consider potential synergies in the implementation
  • Act as a point of contact for the HR Mobility checklist by sharing best practices
  • Ensure consistency in the approach and methodology used by the different business
  • Contribute to the respect of the milestones according Redeployment Roadmap
  • Support change management within the MPU leadership teams to ensure sufficient focus on welcoming/transition activity in order to have a smooth transition

Your profile:

  • Experience in large redeployment process and change management
  • Previous experience in pharmaceutical sector is an asset
  • Ability to manage a high number of stakeholders
  • Able to build and maintain partnership within teams and different departments
  • Fluent in French and English

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