Test Engineer Mobile  – Mechelen, Belgium

Test Engineer Mobile 

Your responsibilities

  • Testing on mobile devices

    • Get general overview of quality by functional and user acceptance testing
    • Service testing and Telenet network setup (SMS, MMS, Voice, Data)
    • Telenet email setup (POP3 to IMAP migration)
  • Testing of SIM card
    • Implementing, testing and validation of SIM profiles
    • OTA commands
    • Dual IMSI and roaming testing
  • Testing of Triiing app on iOS and Android
    • Test execution and user acceptance
    • Creation and follow up on defects and change requests
    • App release to App stores 
  • Testing public WiFi
    • Testing of connection manager feature (part of MOBUSA app)
    • Test execution and user acceptance of newly installed venues (ex.: WiFi stadium, events, etc.)
    • Follow up on defects and change requests
    • Performance testing and validation of different
  • Validation and certification of mobile network and wireless technologies
    • LTE/LTE-A networks (roll-out and certification)
    • VoWiFi testing and certification              
    • VoLTE testing and certification
    • Ran steering migration
  • Issue and vendor management
    • Address issues and validate business requests
    • Follow-up on new devices and OS versions
    • Third line support
    • Increase testing process

Your profile

  • Work in team
  • Increase testing process
  • SPOC for reporting and analyzing
  • Planning, coordination and organizing are daily tasks
  • Taking lead on several testing projects or streams within project
  • Manage and prioritize workload

Technical environment

  • Mobile apps and environment
  • Mobile networks (EDGE, UMTS, HSPA, LTE, etc.)
  • WLAN 802.11 standards
  • Tools:
    • TEMS packages (Pocket, Investigation, Discovery)
    • COMPRION (SIM tracer)
    • Aspects Spy SIM tool
    • SAS Network Simulator
    • OS X Diagnotics Tool
    • App stores developer portal
    • Wireshark packet analyzer
    • ADB commands
    • Test management tools (JIRA, Testlink, Mantis)


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