Site Reliability Engineer + Application Automation (Development Operations) – brussels, Belgium

Site Reliability Engineer + Application Automation (Development Operations)

Reports to:         Team Leader
Workstream:     across all IT Delivery

Role Description:

The Devops person needs to be a person with a broad knowledge and interest in IT.

  • The person will help taking care of the landscape by investigating issues that arise in PROD and UAT.
  • The person will implement metrics inside applications for improvement of the application monitoring
  • The person will discuss/propose /review improvements with the application teams with regards to logging, performance, security.
  • The person will have to automate the deployment pipeline, prepare development infrastructure for continuous delivery/deployment.
  • The person will work across projects to perform deployments towards Dev/Test/UAT/Production
  • The person needs to perform system and integration tests on the different environments
  • The person will tackle technical impediments that are prohibiting some teams from continuing their development (like setting up local virtual machines using Vagrant, Chef, Puppet, solving issues with Git flows )
  • The person will need to create Jenkins jobs, write Ansible playbooks and scripts to automate manual processes and to monitor systems, applications, endpoints,…
  • The person will be in charge for system administration and provisioning of new servers, patching, improving infrastructure
  • The person will be working closely with Central IT and Developers and may need to help to solve traditional IT issues (network, database …) and act as a bridge between the two departments.
  • Will participate in technical meetings

Core Accountabilities:

  • Experience in Java & Maven is mandatory
  • Experience in Oracle is mandatory
  • Experience in Jenkins is mandatory
  • Experience in Git is mandatory
  • Experience in Linux is mandatory/System administration
  • Experience in Tomcat is mandatory
  • Experience in Agile Methodologies is mandatory
  • Experience in scripting is important, specifically Groovy, Bash, Python & Perl

Essential qualities:

  • Experience with monitoring software, like Nagios/Icinga2 is important
  • Experience in Vagrant is important
  • Experience in Docker is important
  • Experience in Ansible is important
  • Experience in Gitlab is important
  • Experience with using/scripting REST & similar APIs
  • Experience with JSON data structures
  • Experience with Atlassian Stack especially Jira & Confluence : design, creating projects, workflows, automation.
  • Experience in Vmware is important
  • 3 years plus experience
  • Team player
  • Problem solving
  • Eager to learn new technologies
  • Solutions driven
  • Pragmatic mindset
  • Flexible mindset, keeping priorities of different teams in mind

Adaptable to change in priorities

  • Ability to take ownership and keep team informed
  • Finds documentation important
  • Ability to understand decisions although you are not in favor
  • Good English language skills

Nice to have:

  • Experience with Sonatype Nexus
  • Experience with Sonar
  • Experience with Elk Stack (Logstash)
  • Experience with Grafana
  • Experience with Dell Netvault & Tape Libraries, centralised backups, offline vaulting
  • Experience with AWS specifically EC2 and S3 (virtual machines & storage)
  • Experience with openshift/kubernetes, docker swarm
  • Experience with openstack
  • Experience with Oracle databases
  • Experience with Elastic search
  • Experience as Windows administrator
  • Experience with large scale systems patching (eg. Redhat satellite, Spacewalk, Foreman)


Desirable qualities:

  • Degree level or equivalent
  • International transport / Postal industry knowledge


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