Senior Consultant Operational Risk operating model For Retail & Private Banking – Brussels, Belgium

Senior Consultant Operational Risk operating model For Retail & Private Banking

Start Date ASAP
Duration End date 22/12/2017
Location Brussels
Travel – Visits to Operational Risk teams spread over nine regions throughout Belgium

Within E2E Ops the Operational Risk department is responsible for the management and follow up of operational risk emanating from the day to day commercial activities of Retail and Private Banking within Belgium. This task is performed by in total 9 DOR-teams located in the nine regions of RPB. The overall mission consists of detection, remediation and coaching of the RPB staff in the context of operational risk with ultimately prevention as a goal. Total number of FTE: 55 FTE.
Since the set-up of the current organization in June 2016 the context of operational risk  management keeps changing rapidly and will continue to do so. Therefore it is important for the department to be able to continuously assess resource allocation in order to optimally cover the area and the tasks.
The goal of the current mission is to establish a basis to allow for this continuous assessment. To do so a full overview of workload & risk criteria needs to be set up.
This must result in a future proof model allowing for the precise calculation of required resources per site, based on workload and risk criteria.
The analysis should also deliver proposals for further smart-sizing of the current Operational Risk organization, independently from possible future downsizings in the business (less regions, less branches to cover,…).

Function Description

Cfr. also supra. The mission of the senior consultant is to assess the current Operational Risk framework for RPB and to deliver:

  • A future proof model for staff allocation
  • Proposals for smart-sizing the current organization

Your profile

  • Education Master
  • French Mandatory
  • Dutch Mandatory
  • English Optional
  • Minimum 10 years’ experience in the domain (senior consultant)
  • Extensive knowledge of an Operational Permanent Control framework and on the interdependencies with internal and external stakeholders on this topic
  • Mandatory Previous & proven experiences in designing, managing, auditing an Operational Risk framework in financial institutions
  • Critical assessment skills
  • Communicative skills
  • Quick learner (needs to quickly gain insight in RPB and the Operational Risk organization as well as in the regulatory environment)
  • Sense of initiative
  • Autonomy
  • Reporting skills

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