Project/Program Manager – Woluwe, Belgium

Senior Project Manager; With primary focus on Managing others     

Position Summary: 

Manages very complex and strategically impacting Projects or a cluster of Projects (Programs) from initiation through completion, according to the organization business objectives, translating the strategy into concrete deliverables.
Characteristics of these Projects/Programs are:
Starting from a high level vision, typically with a high amount of ambiguity / uncertainty on the “what” and the “how”.

  • Introducing a new business model, new domain of business or service (Regulated Wholesale; Launching Mobile; Krokus, Choose your device, Yellow House)
  • M&A implementation
  • Market innovation: innovative customer proposition, breakthrough market launch (Play/Play More, FMC)
  • Introduction of new complex technology (XXL, EOS)
  • New capabilities with high impact on legacy systems, processes, organization, operations, incl change mgmt. (Plan BE, Fusion)

Or a combination of the above.
Typically delivered in a number of projects & phases, managed dynamically, in response of an evolving Project/Program vision, external evolutions, opportunities, etc. Changes in scope, roadmap, priorities & timing, approach, impacted teams & stakeholders,… are frequent.
Several dependencies, both between projects within the Project/Program as with other initiatives outside of the Project/Program. This includes initiatives within the organization and outside influencing factors (eg. regulatory; competition; changes in political landscape; …)
Delivers objectives & benefits, not just scope
High stakes for the company, SLT & LT level stakeholders.
Often in partnership with other parties, vendors, Liberty Global
The “normal” cross-functional delivery practices used for standard Projects are not sufficient given the high level of ambiguity, change (and often also technological innovation). The Sr Project Manager creates the necessary structures to secure required resources, manage and control the Project/Program, and defines formal (delivery) processes and tools to manage resources, budgets, risks and changes, according to the needs of the Project/Program objectives. Defines the various projects/phases composing the Project/Program.
The Sr Project Manager is able to operate in an environment with conflict of interests, high ambiguity, aligns stakeholders up to SLT level. Expectation management, political savyness and perception management are extremely important.
Key Roles & Responsibilities:  (List up to 6 key roles and responsibilities of this job.)

  • Translate a Program vision or strategy into a roadmap, multiple project/phases deliverables, solution and planning
  • Managing Program Delivery towards business objectives, steer teams across departments towards Project/Program results. Manage dependencies within the Project/Program and with other initiatives. Getting things done.
  • Risk Management, dealing with high ambiguity
  • Lead the team to define different scenarios and solutions, taking into account multiple constraints, uncertainty and opinions/visions.
  • Stakeholder management (including change & conflict management, expectation mgmt. & alignment up to LT/SLT level)
  • Managing the Business case, Budget Management and Resourcing

Business Expertise:

Broad knowledge of the various functional domains within the organization, understands market dynamics & customer expectations; Broad knowledge of the telecom products; business processes, systems, constraints, needs of the impacted teams. Knowledge must make it possible:

  • to identify impact and stakeholders in and outside the organization,
  • to lead the teams to define and build optimal E2E solutions taking into account stakes and customer expectations,
  • to challenge each of the impacted teams, solutions & plans,
  • to identify dependencies and conflicts between the different workstreams and projects
  • to discuss options and scenarios with executives at SLT/LT level using their business framework and terminology
  • To represent our client towards the outside world (eg. partners; regulator; competitors; …)
  • Able to build more specialized knowledge and understanding very quickly – in specific areas if needed.
  • Able to explain very complex matter in a few very simple words, pointing to key issues & risks, main scenarios, needed decisions.
  • Understanding of various (Software) delivery methodologies & processes, able to assess when to apply these methodologies .
  • Able to create a (program) organization from scratch, covering not only the technology aspects (T&O and IT), but also setting up the needed business organization (when required).
  • Understanding the decision making processes at SLT & LT level (and LG), able to enforce decision making and to mobilise the impacted teams in Telenet.

Problem Solving: 

Describe the nature and complexity of the problems this position encounters on a recurring basis.  Include information regarding the level of innovation required, if any, and include mention of environmental factors that may add to the complexity of resolving issues.
Must guide the teams to build possible options and scenario’s with respect to business case, technical solutions, Project/Program approach etc. in situations with :

  • Many unknowns, often driven by external factors: technology & standardisation evolutions, market & business evolutions,…. For example: Regulated Wholesale involved many aspects including addressing and mitigating the position of our client towards the regulator; interaction with possible candidates; defining and building the Wholesale organization; …  Krokus introduces a new business model, the possible role of our client in this and the financial streams/revenue potential for the organisation is highly influenced by evolutions in the  international advertising, broadcaster & operator world. Solutions must be build on assumptions, which will frequently change.
  • A completely new market, area of expertise or technology for Telenet, e.g. the launch of Telenet Mobile; or Choose Your Device.
  • High time pressure, high expectations to deliver very quickly.
  • Out-of-the box thinking & management techniques to “de-block” teams which get stuck in high uncertainty & innovation (“don’t know what, don’t know how,…”)
  • Sparring partner for the key experts/professionals in the team ànd stakeholders on any matter related to the Project/Program.

The Sr Project Manager must be strong enough to cope with pitfalls & “failure”. Highly innovative programs can fail. Courageous, willing to take risks, and able to bring the team to action even if success is not guaranteed.
If a particular (sub)project, workpackage or workstream in the Project/Program is matured sufficiently and the most important points of uncertainty are addressed, then often the detailed follow-up/project management is handed over or delegated to a Project Manager or operational manager.

Nature & Area of Impact:

To what degree does this job affect the business (i.e., through interactions with customers, making decisions, defining or setting strategy, etc.)?  What is the breadth of the impact that this job has, either positive or negative (i.e., affects own team, department, function, business unit, geography, entire business, etc.)?
Strategic Projects/Programs with typically a high risk factor (PI index – Predictive Index). Success/failure of the Project/Program often has direct and considerable impact on the financial results of Telenet (for example Play/Play More, Choose your device, FMC,…), or is supporting the long term strategy, and as such an enabler for future growth, (for example XXL, Krokus, Plan BE, …)

Interactions / Interpersonal Skills: 

Describe the nature and level of interactions this job has with others, both internally and externally.  Explain any specific interpersonal skills necessary to successfully perform this role (i.e., negotiation skills, represents business at external events or to governmental bodies, etc. ).

  • Sponsorship is at SLT level. Even if the formal sponsorship is delegated to LT level, key decisions are taken at SLT level or with SLT level consent.
  • Taking into account the ambiguity and inherent conflicts of interest in the Project/Program, following interpersonal skills are key, both at senior management level ànd expert/professional level.
  • Stakeholder management and perception management
  • Excellent selling, influencing skills & negotiation skills. Political savyness
  • Ability to align stakeholders and enforce decisions in multi-stakeholder environments (Telenet, partners, LG,..)
  • Abillity to build trust, and an open and transparent working climate in the Project/Program.
  • High “get it done“ & mobilization capabilities
  • Ensures positive perception of personal functioning by key stakeholders, even if the Project/Program fails (due to inherent risk/complexity of the Project/Program), the person will be asked to manage the next complex Project/Program.
  • Ability to mobilise the company to adopt new working methods, new customer propositions, … with enthusiasm.
  • Ability to adapt management and interaction style to the type of Project/Program, situation, stakeholder expectations.

Often the Project/Program manager works in tandem with a business owner at director level (or higher), who is responsible to define the vision (end goal) and strategy for the Project/Program and who is responsible to deliver the projected revenues. In this case, the Project/Program manager will act as sparring partner for and back-up of this business owner, on top of his responsibilities for Project/Program delivery. This is mostly the case for business driven Projects/Programs.
Job Requirements And Qualifications: 

Indicate the minimum and preferred education and experience for this job and any licenses and certifications required.
Minimum Education: Master
Minimum Experience:   5 jaar / Preferred Experience:   >10j
Experience in relevant business environments as Project Manager of a diverse range of projects or programs    
Required Licenses/Certifications:            PpMI, Prince II is required

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