Portfolio Management Consultant – Mechelen, Belgium

Portfolio Management Consultant
Region: Mechelen
Start: 03/11/2017

Prioritization framework

  • In a context of increasing project demand, and constrained financial resources, our client needs to further mature in its Portfolio Prioritization capabilities, both in the context of the annual budget definition, and ongoing Project Portfolio management throughout the year.
  • Objective is to define a framework for annual Project roadmaps and Capex allocation. Work with the Controllers to define a framework for setting Capex investment targets per Divisions or domain, starting from the Long Range Plan and the growth/contribution targets per Division/domain
  • Define and implement a (tiered) prioritization framework that will be used for periodic (eg. Quarterly) project prioritization at divisional and enterprise level.

Capacity Management

  • Resource & Capacity mgmt  is scattered throughout the Business and IT (project) organizations. A consolidated view, supporting “doability” assessments is not available at present.
  • Define and implement a consolidated capacity management framework, supporting the prioritization decisions from a “doability” perspective. This involves clarification of the resource pools to be covered, defining the processes, and implementing the concepts into the organization

Dependency Management

  • Project portfolio decisions should not only reflect financial and capacity constraints. There is an increasing need to reflect cross-program and cross-project interdependencies, which have to be taken into consideration when making project prioritization decisions. Furthermore, these dependencies need to be managed actively.
  • The consultant will assist the PPMO director in the ongoing activities related to Dependency Mgmt


  • Obtaining stakeholder buy-in is a critical success factor to make the above capabilities effective. Key stakeholders to be involved in the process are Divisional VP’s, Divisional Project Management Directors, and Controlling
  • Implementing these Portfolio Management Capabilities will have to be done in a pragmatic way to get started. The consultant will collaborate with the PPMO team and key stakeholders to define a first tooling set-up (which could be excel based), and make recommendations for a more structural tooling set-up
  • Our client is using CA PPM (Clarity) as PPM tool. Experience with CA PPM is  highly relevant for this assignment.

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