IT Technical Analyst with a focus on end-to-end investigation of incidents – Brussels, Belgium

IT Technical Analyst with a focus on end-to-end investigation of incidents

IT Omnichannel Foundation is part of IT department inside the company located in Brussels. This team centrally develops and supports any foundation and transversal services of the banking applications. Foundations mean to develop frameworks (Java, .Net, …), content management systems (Open text, Adobe, …), API gateway in order to display banking information outside the bank, exchange layer between the front end application and the legacy systems,… in an Agile way of working.

Function Description:
The Omnichannel tribe is actively searching for an Incident Manager in order to support the production systems, to analyze the origin/root cause of the incident, to suggest improvements and corrections for the entire IT organization. You will be part of a dynamic team.
You will be integrated in the dedicated transversal team where you will have a very central while transversal role in the bank to find and fix incidents:

  • Provide support for the production and non-production services of the bank (i.e. Java applications, Mobile apps, integration layers, …)
  • Analyze issues and root causes inside the production and non-production environments
  • Investigate through logging files in order to have a full description of the issues
  • Coordinate with the necessary stakeholders in order to understand/describe the issue, to find the best solution, and make sure it is implemented

Help to provide stability to the non-production environments.

  • Assisting the incident moderator during crisis incidents
  • Taking the ownership of the issues from the detection to the resolution

Refinement and planning with your team, teams from the involved E2E chain and the product owners.


  • 3 years of experience 
  • You have a good experience as Incident Manager and/or technical analysis.
  • You have strong technical and analytical skills.
  • Great interest to investigate issues
  • Broad knowledge and experience with XML files, logging files inspection, Java applications, XML/XSD/WSDL, JSON and communication protocols
  • You are familiar with file systems permission management.
  • You continuously learn and take full ownership of your personal development.
  • You are curious and understand/follow the logging files in a technical area.
  • You are able to discuss with your stakeholders and product owners about indents.
  • Have an understanding of operating systems (Unix, Windows, Linux, etc.) and middleware software which you configure to deliver agreed features.
  • You have a good understanding of banking in general.
  • You are acute, dynamic, proactive, autonomous and an excellent team player; you have good verbal communication skills.
  • You are able to organize and prioritize your own work efficiently.
  • You are flexible and able to work in multiple environments with different project methodology, multiple teams and colleagues
  • You are able to work in big organization with multiple stakeholders
  • Preferred Knowledge of Dutch and/or French
  • Fluent in written and spoken English


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