DWDM Consultancy – Brussel, Belgium

DWDM Consultancy
Duration: until 31/12/2018 – Extension possible.
Our client is investigating the renewal of its current DWDM platform. The service consists of following tasks:
RFI (Request for Information) phase:

  • Organize meetings with vendors to understand state of the art technology, differences between vendors, technical   possibilities
  • Make a reference design, based on a one-on-one replacement, based on current traffic-matrix, that can be sent to   vendors to collect budgetary pricing, and technical scenarios.
  • Produce document with market survey results.

High Level Design phase:

  • Create model with building blocks and related cost to make a new DWDM network
  • Collect and document requirements (must-haves, nice-to-haves, …)
  • Cooperate with DATACOM team members to find the best technical solution in case of potential design changes/improvements/enhancements on other platforms (MPLS, SDH)
  • Investigate the extension of the current DWDM network
  • Create a traffic matrix taking into account current and potential future demands.
  • Based on the technical needs and budget restraints, create a high level technical architecture.

RFP (Request for Proposal) phase:

  • Editing of technical requirements and   price calculation models for European tender processes, for the DWDM   technology as well as for the related network management system (NMS)
  • Organize technical clarification meetings,
  • Acting as technical contact for bidders,
  • Evaluation of bids and total cost of ownership (together with purchase department)
  • Progress reporting

PoC (Proof of Concept) phase:

  • Definition and editing of test plan for the offered DWDM platform and NMS.
  • Test execution, documentation and reporting,
  • Follow-up of issues with vendor.

Migration Preparation phase:

  • Create migration plan
  • Manage the design and build-up of the underlying fibre network.
  • Manage any potential changes in the design.

Documentation Preparation phase:

  • Translate technical concepts in operational guidelines and technical procedures,
  • Documentation of guidelines and procedures,
  • Organize internal trainings for field technicians,
  • Collect and process feedback from field technicians.

Migration phase:

  • Act as the project lead during the migration of the DWDM platform.
  • Act as internal technical point of contact during the migration.
  • Act as technical point towards and vendor, and manage escalations.

Additional information:
The Datacom department is in charge of:

  • the datacom transport network for the IP networks and IT networks in general. Our clieny has an extensive network of fibre and copper cables, supplemented by rented connections. The technologies in use include  PDH, SDH, DWDM, FC and IP/MPLS,
  • the IP/Ethernet/WiFi networks used for telephony and core business needs (office network, real-time network, …) in all of our client’s administrative sites, data centres and dispatching offices,
  • direct IP connections with other electricity transport, distribution and generation utilities,
  • Internet connections,
  • the protection and securing of networks with firewalls, DMZs (Demilitarised Zones), VPN concentrators, and similar,
  • the networks connecting high-voltage substations and data centres for purposes of remote surveillance, telephony, meter readings, consulting   disturbance recorders, … These networks are also used for communication   between the electrical protection devices at different stations. Work has   already begun to migrate these networks from TDM technology (PDH, SDH) to   packet-switched technology (Ethernet, IP, MPLS),
  • connections with other TSOs for remote surveillance, remote   protection, and telephony.
  • Operating and maintaining our client’s own fibre network.

Your profile

  • Able to speak, read and write fluently Dutch, French and English.  
  • should hold a master’s degree in telecommunications  engineering, or have equivalent technical experience in this field,
  • must have  theoretical knowledge of WAN and LAN networks and technologies: SDH, PDH, Routing, Switching, Fibre Cables,
  • must be an all-round DWDM expert:
  • must have an all-round theoretical, practical and operational knowledge of DWDM technology and related network management systems (NMS),
  • must have a good knowledge of the DWDM market,
  • must have experience in writing a DWDM RFP,
  • must have a hands-on mentality and recent practical experience with testing a DWDM platform and related network management system,
  • must have experience in project managing the migration of a DWDM platform,
  • must be vendor independent
  • must be able to assimilate new technical information quickly,
  • must have strong analytical skills,
  • must have very strong written and oral communication skills,
  • must have several years of experience with editing of technical specifications, concepts, procedures and guidelines,
  • needs to be able to work independently and methodically,
  • needs to have good project management and reporting skills,
  • must have driver and leader mentality,
  • needs to be a team-player and willing to share knowledge


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