Application Architect – Mechelen, Brussel

Application Architect 

As a leading telecommunications company with its two feet in the digitization of our society, the client is eager to bring aboard architect personalities that share our passion for technology & business innovation to create exciting new products providing our customers a personalized, delighting, surprising and rewarding experience. In  your role as an Architect, you’ll be part of a team that sits in a driving seat to not only deliver impact on our technical processes and systems but also to guide strategic decision-making within our company, make a difference in our customer’s entertainment, communication and future digital experiences, and drive new business development by applying state-of-the-art technologies in a telecom context.          
If this sounds like a nice proposition, here’s what you should have in store for us, and what we will have in store for you…


  • Develop Strategic long term roadmap, from an IT perspective based on the existing Business roadmaps
  • Develop business cases for innovative (even disruptive) ideas which prove their value.
  • Pitch your ideas to business stakeholders.
  • Help cultivate customer facing initiatives by providing end-to-end assistance in the development of prototypes and MVPs.
  • Facilitate discussions around “Product-Service-Resource” or “BSS-OSS” topics and provide architectural guidance
  • Keep an extensive overview of the technology landscape both within the company and externally.
  • Be on top of industry best practices providing  outside-in guidance in strategic decision-making processes.
  • Combine new and existing technologies to develop new customer value propositions.
  • Always think and reason from a customer’s perspective.


  • Business acumen: You are able to quickly grasp new business processes and are creative in finding ways to improve upon them using data.
  • Clear Communication: You’re an excellent communicator and storyteller effectively tuning your delivery to your target audience, i.e. from engineer to C-level executive.
  • Telecom knowledge: You know what TMF is, and how the prototypical landscape of a telco looks like.
  • Pragmatic: You are pragmatic in your approach. You use the right techniques to provide the needed quality and detail while avoiding complex solutions.
  • Technology watch: You constantly maintain an overview of the technology landscape in its broadest sense (uxp, apps, AI, IoT, ..) allowing yourself to apply and use new technologies where needed.
  • Empathy: You have tons of empathy and have a fresh, unbiased open mind



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